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Guangming School hold supervisor's meeting


On September 12,2018,thegraduatesupervisor'smeetingof Guanmming Schoolwas held inCUPL.School's president Shen Weixing, vice presidentYao Zejinand Liu Xuzhou, vice secretaryYin Weizhiand all therepresentativeprofessorsattended the meeting.

President ShenWeixingsaidthat the 2018 freshmenshoulddevote themselves to the new roles of graduate students as soon as possible, studyinghardandpracticingdiligentlywithambitions and ideal beliefs. He hoped everyone toadhere toJournalismand do wellin the era of Internet and newmedia communication. At the same time, hesuggestedthat studentswouldcatch up with thechanges of the times with a professional perspective and avoid the disconnection betweenthinkingand practice.

Vice President Yao Zejin introduced the development and the general situation ofGuangming School. Healsointroduced the enrollment of the freshmen, the s team of graduate supervisorsandthe two-way selection rules and working arrangements of graduatetraining in detail. Hesuggestedthateachfreshmenshouldbe familiar with theHandbook for Graduate Students ofCUPL and make a all-aroundplan theirstudy.

Professor Liu Bin, the representativeprofessorof jural news, introduced the history ofthe programand its pragmaticimportancein contemporaryChina. Professor Yin Weizhi, the supervisor of communication law and ethics, introduced the importance of laws, regulations and norms of news communicationin new mediaenvironment. Shewished that allstudentsin this major would obtainlegalandmoral literacywhen theygraduate.

Professor Wang Jiahangprovided abriefintroduction ofnetwork and new media. She suggestedthat all studentscould bepragmatic, diligent and enthusiasticones once entering such a filed.Associate professor Wan Rongintroducedunique features and bright prospectsofpolitical communication.She hoped that the studentswhoinvolvedin this filedcouldreach aprofessional level.

Professor Ju Honglei, the representative supervisor of media management, introduced the subject background of thefield in many aspects includingmedia system, industrial environment, product operation and soforth.

Professor Zhang Sen, supervisorofcultural communication, explained thehistoryand orientation of cultural communication in the new era from the complexity of the two concepts---culture and communication.He believed that only by taking cultural communication as an industrial means can we better adapt to the development of the market.Instructor DengLiintroduced the rich researchfiled ofbusiness communication and looked forwardforstudents' participation.

Professor Zhu Wei, supervisorofcommunication law, sent a message to the students majoring in law.He believed that everyoneshould regard the lawas their believes and put it into their owncareers. He expectseveryone couldcherish the precious friendship between graduate students and teachers forthe nextthree years.

At last, vice President Liu Xuzhouconcludedthat though GuangmingSchool haspluralresearchfields anddisciplines, the boundaries of the media industry are constantlyblurring and the barriersbetween each disciplineare melting away. No matter what professionthestudentschoose,they will be treated, educated and enriched equally andcomprehensivelyin manyaccepts.

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