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The annual opening ceremony and internship commendation was held in Guamgning School


On September 21, The 2018 opening ceremony and internship commendation was held Guangming School of journalism and communication in Liu Huangfa lecture hall. School’s present, Vice dean of Guangming dailyShenWeixing, chief editor of Guangming dailyYang Gu, deputy secretary of CUPL’s publicity department Liu Jie, GuangmingSchool’s vice present Yao Zejin andLiuxuzhou, vice secretaryYin WeiZhi, premier reporter of Beijing Traffic Radio Huang He, School teachers and all undergraduate and graduate freshmen attended the conference.

School’s present,vicedean of Guangming daily ShenWeixing,

School’s present, Vice dean of Guangming daily ShenWeixingdelivered a speech. He hoped that all the studentsto keep justice, social responsibility and ultimate goals of journalism in mind. he also encouraged everyone to study hard and become an outstanding person who is capable of comforting all the tasks and making great achievements in these four years. At last, he wished every studentscouldlove each other and treat everyone sincerely and become a passionate one in their campus life.

Professor Yang Gu said that the world everyone lives in has become an interconnected one thanks to the emergence of Internet, and the production of the News should keep the path of the new trend and the new era. He expectedthat students could positively participate in practice to development their professional skills and social skills and finally became the icon of online communication.

Alumni’s representativeandpremier reporterof Beijing Traffic Radio Huang said that youth this the greatest fortune in everyone’s life. He shared his personal stories to persuade all the students to "go out" and to know the world. Teacher's representative Deng Lishowed that howprofessional journalism training help both in one’s career and life value. She taught students to read, write and think more during the campus life . Zhang Hongling and Xu Simian, the representatives of undergraduate and postgraduate students, declared that they will hold the belief of benevolence, justice and cooperation on they way to journalists, judges and nationalhigh-level personnel.

During theinternship commendation, instructorNie ShujiangandXu Dongsheng, studetsWu Yutong madeaspecial speechesrespectively,informedtheoverallsituation,results, andsincere wishes for future interns.School's presidentShen Weixing awarded certificates to excellent instructors and excellent internsstudents.At 4:30 p.m., the opening ceremony and internship commendation ended successfully.

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